Tile Bluetooth trackers are on sale at QVC

Tile Bluetooth trackers are on sale at QVC

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Three small Tile Mate trackers and one Tile Slim tracker

These little Bluetooth devices keep an eye on everything all the time. (Photo: Amazon)

When you’re in a rush to get out the door, there’s nothing worse than finding yourself in a frenzied search for your keys, phone, or wallet. However, thanks to the geniuses who created Tile trackers, you’ll never have to miss your ride or be late for appointments just because of absent-mindedness.

Simply attach these sleek Bluetooth devices to your most important items, then sync them with a smartphone app. They help you to find your missing items immediately.

Right now, QVC is saving the day with a 60% off deal on a set of four Tile tracking devices (three Tile Mates and one Tile Slim). That means you get four handy trackers for just $45 (less than $110 when sold separately). Watch QVC’s video to see it in action.

Don’t want to pay everything at once? Instead, opt for three Easy Pay payments from just $14.99. And if you’re a first-time QVC shopper, you can get an extra $15 off your purchase with code OFFER

$45 $110 at QVC

Tile Slim in wallet card slot

Provide peace of mind when it comes to your most valuable possessions. (Photo: QVC)

Download the Tile app, sync it with the Tile Mate 2022, then attach the unobtrusive gadget to your keychain, bag, or other must-have everyday item. Or slide the Tile Slim 2022 into an empty card slot in your wallet and put it in your backpack. Then rest assured knowing that if you lose that item, you can simply log into the app and ask it to sound a (pretty loud) alarm as long as you’re within 80 feet of Bluetooth range. But what if you lose the Tile Mate itself, you wonder? A full, completely anonymous Tile Tracker community is ready to help – these users all have the ability to send location updates to your phone. There is power in numbers!

Take it from this happy customer: “If you tend to lose your phone, keys, or both, or etc., this is THE find of the century! Have you turned your phone too far and can’t find it by calling him At a store and worried someone may have stolen your phone The app lets you double click on your Tile and your phone will play a nice loud tune as opposed to your normal ringtone Before everything else your phone will discover lost item I couldn’t find it one day my keys Phone app told me to walk around I played that game you get hotter It led me outside they were on the floorboard under my seat in the car!’

$45 $110 at QVC

Tile Mate on keychain near iPhone with Tile app pulled up

Easily keep track of your valuables. (Photo: QVC)

Another user says: “This is the perfect solution for people who live alone, don’t have a second household phone and need to locate their cell phone. I’ve lost my phone somewhere in the house and need to find it. The key tiles do just that. Easy to use install app. Also often have to find my mailbox key because I have to walk out to a group of community mailboxes. Usually leaves the key in a jacket pocket but can’t remember what I wore last. I’m right with that. Great gift too. Works for me!”

Plus, these pooches are water resistant, so you don’t have to worry about them being beaten by rain or steamy conditions at the gym. This set even comes with four gift bags in case you want to tuck one into your son’s birthday card or a friend’s hostess gift. At this bargain price, these tiles would make the perfect gift – fun (and useful) for them, great value for you (just over $11 a pop)!

What are you waiting for?

$45 $110 at QVC

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