Kyrie Irving has a list of teams he’d like to consider at sign-and-trades

Kyrie Irving has a list of teams he’d like to consider at sign-and-trades

Adrian Wojnarowski: ESPN Sources: If Kyrie Irving can’t come to an agreement to stay with Brooklyn, he has a list of teams he’d like to consider at sign-and-trades, including Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Heat, Mavs and 76ers. None of those teams have cap space to capture him without Nets’ help. Those are teams Irving is interested in, but he’s not necessarily a priority for all teams, sources said.
Source: Twitter @wojespn

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the bellringernba
James Harden may see Kevin Durant and Kyrie heading out of Brooklyn

Vivek Jacobvivekmjacob
Kyrie did it again

Krishna Narsuknarsu3
Kyrie being swapped with the Sixers and KD being swapped with the Warriors would be by far the funniest outcome – 16:31

Sam QuinnSamQuinnCBS
I think the Nets are going to figure this out. I think Durant, Kyrie and Simmons will be in the opening day lineup.
But if they don’t, this will instantly become one of the greatest disasters in roster history. To go from favorites to this in ONE YEAR is unheard of. † 4:29 PM

Bill SimmonsBill Simmons
Uh-oh Kyrie needs another ride

Christos TsaltasTsaltas46
Kevin Durant keeps an eye on the Brooklyn Nets’ situation and considers options with his future. Kyrie Irving will be leaving the Nets this summer and everything is going to change for the franchise. Nothing will be the same in Brooklyn #NetsWorld… – 4:26 p.m.

Austin KrellNBAKrell
Personally find it all too convenient that the 2 top insiders reported at the same time that it was much more than a threat to BKN.
But Kyrie must be the only in-prime star whose risk trumps reward? † 4:24 PM

Jon Johnsonjonjohnsonwip
If you like drama, conspiracy theories and the occasional disappearance, as well as a great security guard, Kyrie Irving is for you. Let’s take a look at Daryl Morey. † 4:22 p.m.

Ian BegleyIanBegley
We noted earlier this week that people around Kyrie Irving have seen NYK as a potential destination should things go awry in his negotiations with BKN; @Adrian Wojnarowski reports that NYK is one of the teams Irving wants BKN to consider sign-&-trades in that scenario: – 16:21

Fred KatzFredKatz
I wrote earlier this week about the Knicks’ route to taking over Kyrie Irving, if they want to sign him.
They’re over the limit today, but they don’t need to sign and trade to bring in Kyrie. There are moves that can open maximum space.
Story here:

TJ McBrideTJMcBrideNBA
The idea of ​​Brooklyn trading Kyrie to Philly to get Harden back after demanding Brooklyn go to Philly is so funny that I refuse to acknowledge how utterly insane and improbable it is. † 16:19

Tim ReynoldsBy TimReynolds
The team I would watch on the Kyrie front based on the list alone @Adrian Wojnarowski from: the Los Angeles Clippers. † 16:19

Brian RobbBrianTRobb
Intriguing leverage here by Kyrie/KD to get Irving his maximum deal with the Nets. We’ll see if Sean Marks blinks first, even though he’s holding the most cards. Durant is signed until 2025-26 and Kyrie can’t go anywhere he wants in free agency without the help of Nets. † 4.18 pm

Rob PerezWorldWideWob
if you’re one to root for armageddon: it’s not Kyrie for Russ, it’s Kyrie AND Russ. † 16:17

Adrian Wojnarowskiwojespn
ESPN Sources: If Kyrie Irving can’t come to an agreement to stay with Brooklyn, he has a list of teams he’d like to consider at sign-and-trades, including Lakers, Clippers, Knicks, Heat, Mavs, and 76ers. None of those teams have cap space to capture him without Nets’ help. † 4.10 pm

Brothers KamenetzkyKamBrothers
Great viewer commentary on the @LockedOnLakers YouTube page! AK @LockedOnNBAPods
“LeBron’s GOAT case gets significantly stronger as he persuades Kyrie to take a massive pay cut to get back to work. No one would accept such a pay cut to be abused by Jordan on a daily basis.” – 13:57 o’clock

Bill Oramibilloram
Kyrie Irving is suddenly, perhaps available, but disciplined teams with structure and a clear identity know better than to chase him. That makes the Lakers its ideal landing place.… – 12:06

Brothers KamenetzkyKamBrothers
Thursday @LockedOnLakers podcasting! Would Kyrie *really* take $30 million less to join the Lakers? Jordan Ott joins Darvin Ham’s staff. Can the Lakers buy into the second round of the draft? #FirstListen @LockedOnNetwork @LockedOnNBAPods
Sign up, fools!… – 11:39 am

First overall pick to play on a team with LeBron James:
— Joe Smith
– Shaquille O’Neal
— Greg Oden
– Kyrie Irving
— Andrew Bogut
— Derrick Rose
— Anthony Davis
– Dwight Howard
That’s 28% of the #1 picks since 1992. am

Justin Kubatkojkubatko
📅 On this day in 2011, the @Cleveland Cavaliers selected Kyrie Irving with the first overall pick in the NBA Draft.
Players in this concept account for 31 All-Star nods:
7 – Irving
6 – Jimmy Butler
5 – Kawhi Leonard
5 – Klay Thompson
4 – Kemba Walker
2 – Isaiah Thomas
2 – Nikola Vucevic am

Anthony PuccioAPOOCH
Hopped on ESPN Radio last night to talk about Kyrie Irving reaching the Nets deadlock, Kevin Durant, and the consequences that could have.… – 10:39 am

Wes Goldbergwcgoldberg
New @LockedOnHeat pod
– Final Heat Drawing Plate
– Draft night predictions
– Why the Heat didn’t trade for Jerami Grant
– Latest news about Kyrie… – 10:24 am

If the rumors are true, could we possibly see Anthony Davis, LeBron James and Kyrie Irving in LA next season? AM

Eric PincusEricPincus
Last @BleacherReport A 3 team Kyrie Irving trade between Lakers-Nets-Thunder can make anyone happy – I mean this is the internet, nothing is going to make anyone happy. Nevertheless, I delved into why it could yield… – 1:09 AM

Alex KennedyAlexKennedyNBA
What’s the latest on Kyrie Irving’s future? @Michael Scott talking about it now:…23:08

David Hardistyclutch fans
Said @Kendrick Perkins: “It will not be a ‘should’ that Kevin Durant ‘possibly’ wants out. He’s going to want out if the Brooklyn Nets don’t offer Kyrie that long-term extension.” 21:54

Zach LoweZachLoe_NBA
ICYMI: Lowe Post podcast: Steve Kerr goes behind the scenes on GSW’s title run, then @Jonathan Givony on all things concept/trade rumours/Kyrie/free agency, more:
Apple: – 21:22

Bill Oramibilloram
Where I say – with gritted teeth – that the Lakers should chase Kyrie Irving if he’s really available, but only because they’ve holed up in such a corner that they can’t afford to ask themselves the most important questions.… – 8:27 pm

Things Kyrie must do to join the Lakers:
— Leave his hometown
— Leave his best friend
— Leave $30 million on the table
If LeBron can pull this off, he’ll be the greatest GM of all time. pm

Sam QuinnSamQuinnCBS
The Pistons could now break Twitter by absorbing Russell Westbrook with their new cap space.
Take the 27/29 firsts and help the Lakers clear the way for Kyrie lmao. No Pistons fan will get on with it, but it would be tantamount to trading Grant and room for three first. † 18:12

Keith SmithKeith Smith NBA
New @FrontOfficeShow Gets up! @Trevor_Lane & I talk Kyrie (Lakers???), Harden, Options (Tucker, Batum, Connaughton), Hornets and even Ja Raffe! Watch, like & subscribe below. 18K subscribers coming soon!
Join us tomorrow night at our live NBA Draft show too! – 17:35

Brothers KamenetzkyKamBrothers
I am at @ESPNLosAngeles of@John Ireland from 1-4pm PT! Talking Lakers, Dodgers, Gonsolin, Kyrie, NBA draft, the MANDY Awards, Rams, and then some @hulu Lakers Doc and more! Listen up! AK- 16:28

More about this storyline

Shams Charania: Sources: Kevin Durant keeps an eye on the situation of the Brooklyn Nets and considers options for his future. This now opens the way for Kyrie Irving to continue to find a new home through opt-in and trading. -through Twitter @ShamsCharania / June 23, 2022

The rumblings of Irving’s interest in the Lakers began when The Athletic’s Shams Charania reported Monday that Irving was deadlocked in extension talks with the Brooklyn Nets. Even if this all turns out to be a smokescreen to shake off a long-standing Brooklyn commitment, the Lakers’ stance on this remains the most interesting. The question of whether they even want Irving is a statement in itself. Taking on Irving and everything that comes with it is hardly a good idea for most teams in the NBA. Many teams would politely decline. Not the Lakers. It couldn’t be. -via The Athletic / June 23, 2022

Then there’s the smallest sample-sized theater. James Wiseman played all 69 minutes at Memphis, while Darius Garland played five games at Vanderbilt. It is known that Kyrie Irving only played 11 games at Duke. Shaedon Sharpe, the top contender for 2022, has not played a single game for Kentucky this season. An executive said he was burned by an overly cautious medical staff who raised red flags that prevented him from selecting a first-round prospect. Many believe that training, which is more controlled by cops than ever, is overrated, as is performance in the NCAA tournament (see Williams, Derrick and Flynn, Jonny). Combining results can be tempting, although scouts and executives feel that the competition has made a proper correction on a traditional fetish – ‘athletics’. But at the same time, some say the swing toward “basketball IQ” has changed so dramatically in recent years that teams may look up to find that they don’t have the punch needed to compete. —via ESPN / June 23, 2022

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